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The equinox is a time of harmony and balance, the day and night, the moon and sun share the sky equally, one rises as the other sets. The sky seems to pivot between them.
Bowfell commands the head of three valleys, an elegant fin of rock. It also offers some of the finest views which are only seen when the summit is reached. It rises from an upland terrain of steep buttresses and gullies known as Crinkle Crags. Each of these prominences gives the climber a different aspect of the Scafell massif, where the moon hovers before dipping behind Scafell Pike. My previous night’s camp was at the foot of the first peak of Crinkle Crags, above Oxendale and Langdale which by morning had filled with a thick fog.
The day’s rising sun could not penetrate this and instead was reflected upwards from the earth-bound cloud tops, giving those below no hint at the spectacle unfolding at altitude.