The necklace of islands located to the extreme west of Scotland are places as much water as land. This is particularly true of low lying North Uist. From one of the few elevated points, and on a bright day, the landscape becomes a crackling carpet of sparkling lochs. These islands are a particular favourite of mine to paint. In much the same way as Iona can transform instantly, these landscapes are amongst the most dynamic anywhere. The weather is the controlling agency. It is in charge. Any attempt to conquer it or ignore it is futile.
With this in mind patience is needed and a keen eye for the possible. Being in the right place isn’t always rewarded as the weather unfolds unexpectedly. However, the moments of beauty are hugely rewarding and very special.
The island of Berneray shelters in the sound of Harris, a island of crofters and beaches. A Hebridean gem. From the south one can look back at the undulations of North Uist as the next pulse of weather passes silently over, just allowing enough time to enjoy it, then rush for cover.