Ingleborough the second of the three peaks has a striking appearance from all directions and from a great distance due to the geology of the underlying rocks and it is this that gives the mountain a distinctive flat topped peak.
On it lie the feint remains of an iron age hill fort an ancient fortification of the people who the Romans knew as the Brigantes. Their descendants would still have lived around this place for centuries

The loose screes that cascade down the slopes of the ridge called Simon Fell give an outstanding view of the flat top of the summit and the crescent scoop of its slopes. This is a view towards the mountain summit looking at it from the North East on a day when the early frosts are burnt off by the warming rays of the morning sun leaving only the ice trapped in the cold air hollows and shadows to linger on into the afternoon. This is a bleak and windswept spot and one that it seems is an unlikely place for a fort which was inhabited all year round. This is my favourite view of the bowl like scoop that forms the shortest and steepest ascent of the peak.